Installations and Performances

“My site specific installations are personal dialogues with the atmosphere, character and message of each individual exhibition space. I am particularly inspired by contemporary architecture and its new light and space constellations to which I am responding with my site-specific installations and visual interventions with colours. My installations are three dimensional poems.”
– Anita Kontrec

Calligraphic Landscapes Installation by Anita Kontrec / camera: Maeshelle West-Davies

“This component of gesture and calligraphy has been a significant dimension of the artist’s work from 2013 until today. The poetic objects dedicated to Sei Shonagon, a court lady, who lived over a thousand years ago and wrote the novel The Pillow Book with diary records about nature and life in court, stand for an extremely refined and lyrical contribution of Anita Kontrec to our recent art. Whether she uses paper, felt or wrapped silk paper as the basis, these “records under the pillow” find an adequate artistic expression in Anita Kontrec’s work. Varying in size, from very small drawings in black acrylic paint on paper to large spatial items carried freely by the flow of air in the gallery space, their gestural and calligraphic sensibility brings them close to the work of the German graphic artist and painter Lore Heuermann, who writes disturbing calligraphic items using automated writing.”

Iva Körbler, art historian, Zagreb