AK Foundation

Anita Kontrec Foundation was founded in June 2021 in cooperation with Croatian Agency for Authors’ Rights – HAA in Zagreb. The main aim of the AK Foundation is to enable presentation and preservation of the complete artistic opus of Anita Kontrec, as well as to support cultural cooperation between Croatian and international artists and cultural institutions. Focus in on exchange with the German art scene because Anita Kontrec has lived and worked in Germany / Cologne from 1989 till 2017. Activities of AK Foundation are the organisation of exhibitions and projects which include artworks by Anita Kontrec as well as artworks by other artists;  art workshops and cooperation with educational institutions. Part of the programme is AK Open Studio where colleagues and guests from Croatia and abroad, as well as collectors and art lovers are invited for a vivid cultural exchange in a relaxed studio atmosphere. 

Symposium “Fascination Sea – Susret znanosti i umjetnosti o moru” held from 25. to 29. May 2023.

In the gallery “Toš” in Punt, the exhibition “Magical beauty of the sea” was set up, where Anita Kontrec, Damir Fabijanić and Koraljka Kovač exhibited. The organizers are the Anita Kontrec Foundation and the Mare Mundi Marine Research Institute. More on that read here:

Promotion and exhibition

Held in Zagreb, September 2021, at HGZ- Croatian Music Institute.

Art workshop in the primary school “Petar Zrinski”, Croatia, 19th and 20th January 2022

In the primary school “Petar Zrinski” near Čakovec / Croatia Anita Kontrec has led art workshops with first and second grade pupils who were making paper collages depicting Dots and Stripes. Third and forth grade pupils were making plaster houses and were discussing the importance of having a home of ones own.